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5-Gallon Pet Preform Choose Jilian Mold

For injection mold investors, the most important and important point is to get high quality Pet Bottle Preform to help them make money, instead of the bad molds that always need to be repaired, wasting money, even they can never run. Garbage mold.
Located in Huangyan City, Jilian Plastic Mould is …

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Temperature Controller Reduces Pet Preforms Warm-Up Time

Pet Preform Mould temperature controllers are widely used in the plastic molding industry; such as light guide plate products, die casting, extrusion molding, rubber tires, rollers and other industries. A mold temperature controller that includes heating and freezing temperature control. And it is r…

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Maintenance Of 5-Gallon Pet Preform During Production

Many manufacturers are concerned about the quality of Pet Bottle Preform, but they neglect to maintain molds is also a very important process, closely related to mold life.
Now I will show you how to maintain the mold under normal conditions.
The first is mold maintenance in mold assembly.

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High-Efficiency Molding Of Pet Bottle Preform

Smooth polished appearance
The 5-gallon Pet Preform parts produced by this process require little, if any, finishing. Every part coming out of the mold looks smooth and finished. Therefore, there is no need to hire additional labor to improve the visual appearance of the product. If you have one, y…

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Pet Bottle Preform Manufacturing, Injection Molding Is A Good Choice

Injection molding is the best choice for many aspects of Pet Bottle Preform manufacturing: speed, cost and product reliability. This process is well suited when a large number of highly repeatable, consistent parts are required at relatively low cost per piece. However, the versatility of injection …

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How Does The Pet Preform Increase Strength?

1. Greater power
They can be stronger than many metal parts by using high quality engineering grade plastics. During Pet Preform injection molding, engineers have the ability to shape parts to increase structural strength. And performing these additions is not expensive.
2. product weight
By usi…

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Chinese Pet Bottle Preform Have Great Room For Improvement

The pet blowing machine is suitable for the chambers of various hollow plastic bottles and plastic containers. In recent years, the continuous development of the plastics industry has promoted the rapid development of blow molding machines. However, compared with the advanced level in foreign countr…

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Advantages Of Pet Blowing Machine

There are many reasons why the blow molding process is very popular in the production of Pet Bottle Preform - the most common reason is that it is the best way to produce large quantities of the same number of plastic parts. There are many different types of molding machines, depending on the produ…

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Chinese Pet Preform Mould Manufacturer Plays An Important Role

The consumer goods industry and the pharmaceutical industry have had a success since polyethylene terephthalate (PET) has become the most popular medium for packaging a variety of products. They can reach target buyers with attractive packaging and longer shelf life. At the same time, in order to me…

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According To The Actual Adjustment Of Pet Bottle Preform

1. Pet blowing machine operation. Check the water level of the cold water tower and open the bottled water cooling water pump.
2. View the water level of the cold water tank and open the mold cooling water pump
3. Turn on the high pressure air compressor and turn on the dryer.
4. Check the machi…

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Pet Preform Mould Made By TPE

A good example of a TPE product is a Pet Preform Mould. As a packaging material, it can be installed around the product in a compact and efficient manner without the need for very fine or careful (to prevent tearing during packaging). It usually remains intact during transport. As people who recentl…

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China Pet Preform Manufacturers Is Going International

Machining accuracy is the actual size of the surface of the treated Pet Bottle Mould. The geometry of the three geometric parameters and the requirements of the drawings. The accuracy of machining accuracy is measured by the tolerance level. The higher the level, the higher the accuracy, the value i…

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China Pet Bottle Capacity Development Trend

Healthier juices and tea drinks are other winners of this year's China Pet Bottle
The comprehensive health attitude around the consumption habits of food and beverages makes this year's pets promising in products such as functional bottled water and herbal tea. This is because Chinese consumers hav…

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